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At Panhandle Graphics we know that you’re business is unique. That’s why offer web design, logos and advertising created to emphasize your unique edge. We work with you to create a web presence, logo or ad that conveys your message quickly and effectively to your target audience. Our designs are custom made to your needs, no templates, no cookie cutters.

We believe there are websites, and then there are effective websites. We work to establish designs that accomplish 2 things for our clients. We look to  fulfill the need your audience has and fill the need that you have for your website.

Do you want sales? Does your audience need information? Do you need sign ups for an email list? Is your audience looking for great customer service? Do you want to encourage donations? This is where we shine, creating designs and tailoring content to meet both of these needs while effectively conveying your unique edge.

Each client we work with receives personal attention. We will work with you to create content that gets your message across while engaging your audience. So breathe easy, we're here to help!
With more than 5 years experience in Web Design, Marketing and Graphics, Jeanie is skilled at helping her clients develop content that emphasizes their unique edge while simultaneously creating an effective, visually stimulating design.

Having studied web based marketing and web design in depth, she has worked with companies ranging from Custom Hat Makers to Life Coaching to Safari Guides and a number in between, creating effective, marketing based websites and graphics. She feels that whether you are marketing a dental visit or a climb up Kilimanjaro, marketing is marketing. It all starts with engaging the audience you are targeting.

A mother of 5 children, Jeanie knows the word "busy", and knows it well. She also knows the words "love" and "blessings", as her life is filled with both. Her family and friends are a big part of her life as is God the Father, without which, she knows you wouldn't be reading this right now.

Also a musician, Jeanie spends "free time" playing music with a local band and developing her own original music. From Jeanie's perspective, life is a ride...and a good one at that.
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